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Create a captivating user experience with a detailed photo-realistic video walk-through of your project, complete with people & ambiance.

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Create an interactive virtual reality experience with immersive 360 panoramas.  Compatible with desktop, mobile, tablets and VR headsets.

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Promote your services or products with a cinematic film highlighting  the benefits your organization provides, while leaving a lasting impression.

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Document construction progress at desired intervals with professional photos and videos, including drone footage.  Great for social media feeds.

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About Us

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The Visual Flux, is a full service film, 3d visualization & virtual reality firm based in Miami, Florida with a combined +15 years of experience in the industry.

We focuses on providing visual representation solutions for organizations looking to illustrate their vision to the masses. Doing so, by producing high quality, alluring and captivating content that tells a story while elevating awareness about that organization’s core mission.




Let's work together and make your ideas become a reality.

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